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Sris Data Intelligence Solutions Pvt Ltd.,popularly known as SDI, incorporated in the year 2008,since then has been focusing on improving business performance by exploiting streamlined best practices and existing or new investments in technology . Our customers cover Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing Industries. With our deep industry and technology expertise we deliver the "Intelligent Solutions for Enterprise ". SRISDI can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients make Smarter Decisions Faster.

Delivering the Intelligent Business Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions helps to anticipate and respond to their respective markets faster, more efficiently, and more accurately because they have digital connections with their customers, suppliers, partners and employees that allow them to access and analyze critical information. Our BI solutions utilize reporting, analytics, and planning to understand their customers and markets to uncover and exploit new opportunities.

SDI is one of the fastest growing information technology consulting companies in India. SRISDI has very strong systems integration, database design, development and administration and application development skills.

Our Solutions may take the form of scorecards, dashboards or customizable BI reports and allow the organization to simultaneously:

  • Provide dynamic market and enterprise measures from which to learn, adapt and to capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Enable rapid product deployment through enhanced understanding
  • Reduce delays, errors and costs

"Our business is to Providing Solutions with the right information to analyze and run their business."

Case Studies
If there’s one thing that the current economic climate should tell us it is that the days of managing to top line income growth have been left behind. Given that high margins are more difficult to achieve and maintain, firms need to actively manage profit in new and innovative ways in order to avoid running in the red. In many respects the economic downturn has accelerated a move that has been happening for many of the better run firms for a number of years now, and it isn’t just “expenditure control.”
Our Consultants
SDI has consultants geographically distributed across the globe with solid experience on multiple End to End Implementation of Enterprise Data warehouses, Business Intelligence Solutions and Enterprise Information Management Solutions.
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